What does it mean for an attorney to be board certified in residential real estate?

Board certification in residential real estate law signifies that an attorney has achieved a high level of expertise and competence in this specific area of law. This certification is granted by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a body recognized by the State Bar of Texas.

To become board certified in residential real estate law, an attorney must meet several rigorous criteria:

Active Practice
The attorney must have been practicing law for at least five years, with a substantial part of their practice dedicated to residential real estate law for at least three years.

Peer Review
The attorney must provide references from fellow lawyers and judges who can attest to their competence in residential real estate law.

Continuing Legal Education
The attorney must have completed a certain number of hours of continuing legal education in residential real estate law.

The attorney must pass a comprehensive written examination that tests their knowledge and skills in residential real estate law.

Once certified, the attorney must apply for recertification every five years, demonstrating their ongoing involvement and competence in the field. This process ensures that board-certified attorneys remain up-to-date with the latest developments in their area of specialization.

In the case of Hines & Maxwell, PLLC, Attorney Mark Hines is the only lawyer in Johnson County to be board certified in residential real estate, highlighting his exceptional expertise and dedication in this field.


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