Helping You Understand Your Options

Making plans for your estate is an essential part of planning for the future. Having a will or trust is a basic necessity, and it is never too early or too late to take the steps to protect you and your loved ones. From wills to guardianships, our attorneys at Hines & Maxwell are here to help our Cleburne and Burleson-area clients make important decisions.

We understand that estate planning may seem like a process that can be postponed or ignored – whether it is because you don't believe your financial status warrants preparations or because you think you are young and healthy enough to delay the process. By making plans in advance, you eliminate the additional stress that falls on your family during an already difficult time.


A last will and testament is imperative to making your wishes legally binding. A will can appoint a guardian for minor children, name an executor of the estate and determine asset distribution. A will is relatively simple but it is often all that is needed to protect your interests. It is important to have a lawyer who understands Texas laws draft your will in order to ensure its validity so that you can be assured that your loved ones are taken care of in the way you desire.

A physician's directive, also known as a living will, allows you to make end-of-life decisions in the event you become incapacitated. This eliminates the burden that is put on your family to make those decisions on your behalf. Taking that burden off of your family is one of the most selfless things you can do to protect your loved ones from making that difficult choice themselves.


A trust is an estate planning tool that is often beneficial for more complex estates. Trusts offer liability protection, privacy, potential tax benefits and can sometimes help avoid Texas probate court. Trusts can also be established for unique and specific circumstances.

Common trusts include:

  • Revocable living trusts
  • Irrevocable living trusts
  • Special needs trusts:
  • Miller trusts (qualified income trusts)

We'll Help You Make The Decisions That Make Sense For You

By getting to know you, we can offer legal counsel that is specific to your needs and those of your family. Trusts offer many advantages, but they are also more complicated and expensive than wills. If your estate would be served just as well with a will, we will be honest and upfront about it.

We offer an estate planning package for a flat rate, but we can also tailor a plan that is best suited for your needs. Call us at 817-506-3120 to set up an initial consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. You can also reach us online.