Personalized, Strategic Representation

At Hines & Maxwell, our goal is to help clients avoid litigation whenever possible. We work diligently to minimize risks and contain costs for our clients, and that often means finding a way to resolve the issue outside of the courtroom. There are times, however, when the most ideal outcome can only be produced through a lawsuit. When that is the case, we provide our clients with vigorous, effective representation that only experienced attorneys can deliver.

Civil litigation matters we represent include:

  • Commercial and business: Business disputes, contract disputes and collections
  • Real estate: Property line disputes, title disputes and adverse possession
  • Probate: Probate court matters such as contested wills and trusts

Finding Solutions That Align With Your Goals

We take time to get to know our Cleburne-area business clients so that we have a firm and clear understanding of their goals and objectives, both now and in the future. We will develop a strategy that aligns your goals and make sure that you understand the litigation process.

When your business is part of a civil litigation lawsuit in Texas, it is crucial that your attorneys are focused on business and commercial law. Our experience in both business transactions and litigation means we know what goes into a successful transaction, giving us a unique perspective on how to represent clients when things go wrong.

Call us at 817-506-3120 when your business needs a lawyer with the knowledge and experience to comprehensively represent your company's best interests. We are also available online.